100th anniversary of Iannis Xenakis

Since 2019, the Olympolis team has been preparing a tribute to the emblematic figure of Iannis Xenakis, with live performances, lectures, workshops and exhibitions. Due to the restrictions posed worldwide by CoV19 it has only been possible to present the first phase in 2021.
The festival of 5-9 November, kickstarts the project in Katerini, where contributors from Europe are attending with physical presence and Japanese artists via online-realtime performance.

Replay boundaries_επαναλάβετε τα όρια

Hybrid,Polythematic,Phigital.on going Festival

6-7-8 Νοvember 2021 Katerini Greece

100th anniversary of Iannis Xenakis

Olympolis Art Project was created in Pieria by the cultural and sports association “Olympus Eagles”. In recent years, it has been organizing art festivals of original ideas and gastronomy, with the aim of highlighting the cultural heritage of Olympus. Using art as a tool, it aims to activate public spaces, artistic exchanges, the fermentation of new ideas on issues of environmental and social ethics / aesthetics, always taking into consideration the modern social web that is in a constant “on the road” situation, and in a continuous state under development.

Saturday 6 November


Nikos Babanikas photographer-traveler  workshop and permanent projection of  photographs by the local world citizen.  


Romina Koopman, photographer/artist  student of Gerrit Rietveld Acadamie Amsterdam      Photographic 3D installation18.30-19.30″PlastiCity” – Sound, interactive installation by Dimitris Bakas composite sound from  on a three-dimensional metallic grid.


Screening of the documentary “Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art” by the screenwriter and director Vagia Buffeti


Exhibition of the art installation Prometheus “Everything flows” with male Japanese washi paper kimono art and obi, photos of M.Papatzelou‘s washi Kimono   by Everett Kennedy BrownMasashi Nakamura and Stavros Parcharidis, art videos presenting her artistic activities in Kyoto and Thessaloniki and an introduction/workshop reference to her washi kimono art project 


Lucian E. Matei Interactive Visual Performance, Interactive Multimedia  Installation, Digital Interactive  ARTS


Lucian E. Matei brings the interactive multimedia experience that explores temporality, offers a real sense of liveness and shifts the role of the public from passive viewer to active participant. The “flow” represents a quantum of universal laws about cause and effect. The technological expression of interactive art also works as a temporary and participatory light mural. 

Sunday, November 7


Presentation of the collection of Haiku poems “Internal connections of the liquid sky” (Greek & Japanese / “Odos” Publications / 2021) by the artist Maria Papatzelou, by Faye Tzanetoulakou, Dr. Art History, Special Secretary of AICA Hellas. 


Speech & discussion entitled “Ideas and approaches to the work and thought of Iannis Xenakis” by Dimitris Exarchos, Assistant Professor, Department of Music Studies, University of Ioannina. 


Sharon Kanach (phygital presentation) Exhibition of unique archives from CIX for the life and work of Iiannis Xenakis and the UPIC , the  pioneer “machine” that makes understandable the relationship between music and mathematics


Assot Manoukian  music producer “sound blending “sound contraction, inspiring from XENAKIS work


Theodoros Kleisiaris-electronic engineer Live sound improvisation “Richter Scale Madness (Kleissonic)”,


Zachos  Samoladas  Animator/ Director

Member of Greek Directors Guild and ASIFA HELLAS

“My heart bleeds from the suffering of others”

Tokei Maru is an animated short based on an extraordinary human in history. A story that sounds like an old myth, a Japanese captain that places human life above all .


Anastasia Giannakidou,(Phygital presentation) Professor of linguistics,founder and director of the center of Hellenic Studies at the university of Chicago.

“Hellenic culture at the crossroads between east and west”


Open rehearsal with the  choreographer and dancer Harris Gkekas, member of the Lyon-based STRATES group, and Sara Tan, Brussels-based solo dancer, on Pleiades and performed by Kuniko Kato(phygital participation) as part of Xenakis et le Japon which is evolving from 2016 throughout Japan and will be completed in 2022-23 with the presentation of Prometheus IX in the land of the Rising Sun and on a European tour

Monday, November 8

12.00 -15.00

Open rehearsal and workshops with the participant artists


Conference-Dialogue for the cultural tourism in the area of ​​Olympus and the opportunities of local communities on the perspective of cultural stock and tourism, as well as the impact of sustainable development in local communities, in order to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Olympus


Emiliano Micciche Responsible for cultural tourism proposals –

“Reading of the area. Pieria through the eyes of a foreign resident”

Maria Terzidou vice-meyer of Katerini tourism development organization

Savas Tsentidis,Theodoros Tekeridis,Apostolis Kourtis, Anastasios Papanastasiou


Video editing – summary- announcements

Open call for

Balatorium Artist Residency Program

BALATORIUM is launching an art residency programme for 2022 for artists working in a variety of fields and artistic media. The aim of the residency programme is to bring in artists who would create new works of art in collaboration with researchers, experts and ecologists active in the Balaton region, based on site- and context-specific research, in line with their own practice and methodology, thus promoting a dialogue between art and science.

Any artist/duo of creators active in any artistic field or medium, without age restrictions, may apply.

The deadline for submission is May 15th, 2022 (midnight), applicants will be notified of the results by May 30th.