During this period, due to the pandemic of Covid-19, it is very difficult for the artists to participate in live actions, even more at online or interactive projects because of the lack of opportunities and collaborations with other artists, festivals, organizations and audience.
We intent to organize an open call for festivals around the world to support and encourage the artist community with technical issues, official communication, funds to participate with physical or virtual presence to our polythematic online festival PrometheusIX in Greece at July 2-4 on OLYMPUS mountain. During the festival we will develop a smaller digital and physical project with the same character which will travel to 10 different cities
The economic crisis has dramatically affected commerce activities and created a high need for shop in shop, B2B system, e-shops and more.

Living in the present and looking forward, we create a FestOnFest movement with the vision to build a global multiculturalism online festival platform to support the sustainable development of the artistic society and give tools to the artist’s activities.

So act together, confirm the participation and fund the travel cost. The accommodation will be taken care from us. Support the artist like your festival ambassador or like adapted artist and we hope to hear from you