The athletic and artistic union OLYMPUS EAGLES is founded in the summer of 2000 in Katerini, Greece at Olympus Riviera (Pieria-Greece).The first goal was the contact with the new Olympic game of baseball and the contribution to the creation of the Greek national team for the Olympic Games that took place in Athens 2004. In 2003 the Greek baseball federation decided to call Greek-American players to play for the national team. Afterwards we refocused to ‘’artistic fields’’

We started in 2003 with the Art Camp,a youth festival on the shores of Olumpus mountain, with the participation of young artists in workshops and seminars in the field of sculpture, painting, dance, new media and music.

In 2008 we activated the 300 meters railway tunnel, which had been unused for 70 years, located underneath the ancient castle of Platamonas. We presented video arts, documentary photos ,concerts and other installations with the collaboration of the Alexander Turnbull Library of New Zealand.

In 2013 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of conquering the highest peak of mount Olympus with a music co-production with members of the famous DUTCH METROPOLE ORCHESTRA at Great Alexander Foundation, in parallel with many art exhibitions ,performances and concerts.

Lastly, in 2018 we moved to the center of Katerini for the city festival “LETS BRAND THE CITY” under the auspices of the Municipality of Katerini and presented an urban street festival with many outdoor activities and art exhibitions.

During the years we have also organized many events in the fields of environment, solidarity, social cohesion and exhibitions for painting,documentary,music,poetry and more.