Olympolis Project


The breath of cultural heritage of Mt. Olympus as for the values and the ideals that are offered to us, the need of expression and communication using the art as tool, and the intention for international dialogue with the aim to create a core of thoughts and ideas, that emphasize the importance of a figurative education, are the main motivations for the initiation of Olympolis Project 2013.

The last few years, artists-in their effort to open new horizons of expressiveness but also intervention in social happenings-have been extended in the exploitation of abandoned factories, public buildings and other places, targeting on the direct communication with the public audience. Having the modern forms of art as object. “Olympolis” presents the work of artists, musical forms and theatrical performances including the wider region of Mt. Olympus and the coasts of Pieria, aspiring for the rebirth and the re-operation of regions and places, which will built the basis of a multicultural, creative action.

The main area of Pieria offers historical monuments and a large  amplitude of fauna and flora. Therefore the preservation of the  cultural heritage and the care of the natural environment in within  the responsibility of each visitorʼs behavior.